Sunday, 17 April 2016

Natural Stone Indonesia

Stone Nusantara

 On this occasion I will review about a phenomenon unheard of in the archipelago, where a trend has occurred and this trend can be felt to all people, regardless of social status, not age, does not see gender, which eventually trend this can make people can benefit from a trend.trend it is the trend of agate.

Inside my writing this time, I will discuss thoroughly the rock archipelago circulating in Indonesia, from all regions of our country is, and I will also review the stones - that never achieved the agate most expensive up to his price could reach tens up to hundreds of millions of rupiah, as the famous stone from the island of Bacan, as well as the phenomenon of opal Kalimaya, which is very well known to foreign countries, and many more stones archipelago would I fit in my article, not only agate that I will write in my article, I will write about stones - gems that will certainly add to your knowledge in the case of precious stones.

 In addition to the knowledge of the stone, I will give you the knowledge of how to distinguish stones natural and synthetic, as well as a place where you can make a statement about the stones you have or what we call certificates, as well as what is the use of titling in stone that we used, I will peel all her here in as much - the details of her until finally you'll see exactly how this stone can be found, as well as the origin of the stone you use, and if the stones you are using genuine or not, patiently answers her'll be right.

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