Risking lives for the sake of a stone

Garut is one of many cities in Indonesia were suddenly famous for the beauty of alamnya.Seluruh eye agate agate lovers now focused on producing dodol the city.Not infrequently many rock lovers who had come from out of town just to be able to have one of the millions agate agate typical Garut.Salah one of the most hunted Garut is agate green agate type or arrowroot familiar with stones called green beer bottles.

Price arrowroot bottle-green stone was skyrocketing, the agate measuring 5 centimeters can be priced at tens of millions of Garut rupiah.batu green bottle of beer is only to be found in the quarry, the people in the village Gaod, District Bungbulang.Sayangnya now it had closed the mine excavation because the boulder has been declared expired and extinct.Criteria green agate bottle from Garut is believed by the miners would be found on a periodic basis or futures. Not necessarily any miners or diggers can find a chunk of green agate bottle within a period of 1 year. However chunks of green bottles can be found with an indeterminate period. one stone miners residents from Kampung Hanjuang, Hanjuang Village, District Bungbulang this instance, hunting During Garut stone green beer bottle he claimed, it was difficult to find the stone of this type ..If you want to find this stone, miners must go through a long struggle nan weigh up must risk his life to be able to find agate type ini.Wajar bottle-green slab prices could reach hundreds of millions. Because of agate type that is rare and hard to find. In addition to hard to find, to the location of miners dig too risky and should be risking his life.In addition to entering the forest, miners had to crawl on top of the cliffs as high as 300 meters with a length of 28 meters, there are 13 types of stone green Garut. Boulder was found in 13 different locations in Garut.The first type of green Garut is ohen, ohen this kind is no more bongkahannya because it was discovered by miners in 1982. As for the latest green types that currently there is a green bottle stock bongkahannya origin Gadog excavation, "for anyone who really wants to hunt Garut stone, no need to get involved in the struggle as he experienced.Because, lovers rock just enough to equip themselves with the money given to the miners to mine the capital agate it.The system, if lucky later the financiers will be able to rock as he wanted, but if less fortunate ya gotta be willing to money do not come back.