Gems Kalimaya Banten

Kalimaya opal gemstone, you probably already know this rock phenomenon, until finally this stone popular in foreign countries
until appropriate that these offerings Kalimaya opal gemstones get a degree, although violence was not as hard as gemstones at his general.
Stone Kalimaya not only of local offerings, but negara2 such as Australia, Africa or Latin America.

 Stone Kalimaya Indonesia has many advantages compared with other countries, the colors do not easily fade, and also very fascinating with different colors such as brown, yellow, red, purple and blue like a rainbow.
If you intend to see the place of quarrying virtual time you can come to the district of Lebak districts maja, Sajira, and cimarga, the area is a center of opal excavation Kalimaya

 Type opal Kalimaya

Kalimaya opal gemstone on the market is now divided into several types, here is jenis2 I learned from a reliable source

  1. Stone crystal Kalimaya
  2 Stone Kalimaya crystal coconut water
  3 Stone Kalimaya crystal tweh
  4 Stone Kalimaya coffee crystals
  5 Stone crystal Kalimaya milk
  6 Stone Kalimaya black opal
  7 Stone Kalimaya solid black opal


By reading this article you certainly can choose opals Kalimaya the original, because the original stone Kalimaya famous for the beauty of its color, so be careful if you want to buy opals Kalimaya, so you do not lose dikemudiaan day ..