Maluku islands

Bacan stone come from countries Indonesia, Make the names of the islands, are in the Maluku islands, precisely in the southwest of the island of Halmahera
Bacan island administratively into the district
Halmahera, North Maluku province south.


 Batu Bacan assortment of his name, there Bacan Doko, Bacan Palamea,
Bacan Obi, Bacan Pancawarna / flowers and much more
I can not mention all of them. Here I only write about the uniqueness of the stone Bacan.

The uniqueness of this Bacan stone is this stone known as living stones, because
Bacan change of color of the stone, the stone of his early black
with the passage of time this stone will change color to color
there is also a green bluish green - bluish, and will be able to crystallize
if it crystallized stone will Bacan considering its price, could reach
tens of millions of rupiah.


 Bacan Palamea

  Bacan Doko

 So my brief review of Bacan stone orig Indonesia,
because of time constraints I Enough of my writing this, I hope my writing
gemslover can benefit the world, its specialty Indonesia
beloved, to meet again on my writing about Bacan doko
and Bacan palamea, as well as its other natural stone.