Handicraft to make a ring

Art Craft Horn is the process of making various kinds of goods using traditional or modern equipment by utilizing animal horn as its main ingredient.
Not all types of animal horn can be processed into a craft horn., According to Kang Asep as the creator of the ring made of horn reveals that type of horn nice to be processed into an art craft horns are the horns of animal origin cattle and buffalo, because the type of horn is easy to processed because it contains calcium and oil (fat), excess of two types of horn if the bent not broken after heated at a certain temperature by using a special tool.

 While the horns coming from other animals such as goat horns, deer and other very difficult to be processed (done), because it contains high calcium so that the horn becomes hard and brittle when in the bent right. Thus the horns of this type are only cleaned superficially and not formed into a wide variety of products such as spoon, a ring, a bracelet and the other which is generated from cattle and buffalo horn.

In terms of color, buffalo and cow horns have similar characteristics, namely jet black, but other colors are sometimes found in both types of distinctive horn. As the buffalo horn in black and white, sometimes slightly brown. While on the horns of cows found color "slap" that is combined with a slight blackish color yellow to yellowish brown and transparent. These colors can be seen by lantern light at the time the horn will be processed, because this color is usually in the middle of the horn meat, the base of the horn.


Buffalo horn length of approximately 25 cm s / d 70 cm sometimes there is 80 cm in length and above, while the long-horn cattle between 30 cm s / d 50 cm. But lately, according to the craftsmen's very difficult to get a buffalo horn with a maximum length so that the horn crafts that require materials with a certain length can not be in mass production as where it was previously. So automatically the price to be rather expensive.