Bacan stone

Bacan stone has been known for a long time, according to the article I have ever read Bacan stone
known since 1960, at that time was not as expensive Bacan stone now, at that time
Bacan stone has not been much in demand by natives or foreigners, and at that time
no citizen who worked as a miner stones, according to sources who ever
be the first to rub the stone Bacan named Mohammed and he lived in
Amasing village Bacan island.
At that time the island community Kasiruta worked as a farmer who went into the garden
looking for Damar, sometimes these farmers often find Bacan stone in a river or
former erosion <avalanche mountain>, and usually if they found the stone Bacan
they exchange it with foodstuffs.
In the 1990s, Bacan with super quality stone weighing approximately 10 kg were found
by Mr. Anongko Golf, rural Palamea, and then rock Bacan sold at a price
if in the rupiah's about 7 million, and the highest buyer first by a
tourists from Singapore.
Early 2005 start is the Chinese travelers came to buy Bacan stone, stone
Bacan is in the interest of his usual Bacan stone green and bluish green colors - bluish.
In 2009 alone boulder Bacan could reach tens of millions to hundreds of millions of rupiah,
so many people who become rock miners Bacan, because the results are in
can be quite lucrative, people's income eventually be helped, and
now many proven with many ya changes in Bacan island, the
the youth was able to study abroad, which probably was her they were not thought to be
go to college because the cost is so great.
My first Enough of my writing this, hopefully this article can be useful for lovers
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